Sword of the new worlds PvP/Raid machines
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 Please Read Before Applying To FoReal!

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Please Read Before Applying To FoReal! Empty
PostSubject: Please Read Before Applying To FoReal!   Please Read Before Applying To FoReal! Icon_minitimeThu Jun 19, 2008 5:50 am

Hello There

Just before you apply to FoReal i would like to explaine how we work things,
we allways use ventrillo/TS for raids/pvp a mic is not required but would be helpfull as long as you can hear what is going on in any given situation thats fine,
We are a close friendly clan at least with eachother and our allies Twisted Evil
we expect members to treat eachother with respect and give help where needed.
we expect all our members to be very active in this clan you work hard to earn good gear real life does come first but we are a hard working bunch we expect you too be if you apply and are accepted.
we all play the game very different i do not bot never have and never will if you do its youre choice but do not chat about botting or give links to bot/hack sites to our members you will be kicked and put on my personal KoS list.
We need allies this game is all about comunication and freindships with other clans ive found that to be the winning way in my previous clans we do not KS or PK our allies however everyone else had better watch out Smile
If there are any problems with another member/allied member please speak to me or an officer who will deal with it on youre behalf.
Everyone of any lv may apply as long as they plan on putting effort in to the game and clan please put a decent effort in when applying we would like to know as much as possible about youreself you may copy and paste the form below this link to apply or make youre own similar.

thanx for reading and good luck with the application Smile
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Please Read Before Applying To FoReal!
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